Miss Kittie Talks BMX Racing With Steve Harvey on SteveTV

69 Year old BMX Racer Kittie Weston-Knauer AKA Miss Kittie has been getting a crazy buzz all over the internet over the past few month! She’s the oldest female to race BMX competitively and her inspirational story has touched so many people and inspired them to get on(or back on) their bicycles. Her story was so inspirational that she even got to sit down with Steve Harvey on his talk show Steve TV! A clip of that interview was posted today on In that clip Miss Kittie talks about when she had a bad accident on her bike and was temporarily paralyzed. She goes on to tell Steve how she overcame that injury, got back on her bike and returned to BMX racing because she loves the sport so much!

There were a bunch of other things that were awesome about this clip . Miss Kittie had her bike on display on stage with her and she had her team race gear on which gave some shine to all her sponsors!! Also, Steve Harvey was so inspired by Miss Kittie that he said he was even gonna get a bike! NICE!!

Super huge shout out to Miss Kittie for continuing to bring more exposure to BMX Racing! Check out the clip below.

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