Yo in my HipHop section I would like to share some music that you might not be up on. I know we’ve been bombarded with the same old Ish everyday on the radio and TV but there is some really dope stuff out there too. Now ya’ll might have heard of this kat called MF Doom (or Maybe not) but his stuff is tight and the videos are really creative, I’m trying to get some of these videos and put them on my TV show. Big up to Stones Throw Records for bringing that real underground HipHop to the speakers. All the heads out that that know about diggin in the crates, feel me when I’m tell you I be “diggin in the tube”(Youtube lol) for some dope music and videos. I’m not really one for typing and all so check out some of the videos that I like from MF DOOM!!! Holla!

For those that don’t know MF DOOM Was a member of KMD! AHHHHHH The Classics!!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!!! Holla!

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