ECBACC Pt#1 (East Coast Black Age Of Comics Con)

I was put on to this event when I went to the Comic Con in NY. I was surprised to see so many black comic book artist, writer etc. I was kicking it with a few of them and they told me about ECBACC in Philly which is the annual black Comic Con. You know I had to go down there and see what it was all about. So I got CTruth, DJ Wiz and Peanut Butter Jones to come down and film at the event. Stay Tuned for part#2


The East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention or ECBACC is a groundbreaking comic book convention that features some of the nation’s most accomplished comic book writers, artists, and cartoonists. ECBACC explores comic books, animation, cartoons and other forms of creative expression.

We honor comic book excellence by presenting the Pioneer Awards to those artists and writers who have paved the way for today’s comic book artists and writers.

We also offer the Glyph Comic Awards.
The Glyph Awards recognizes the best in comics made either by, for, or about Black people.

ECBACC celebrates the accomplishments that Black artists have made in the comic book industry through engaging and exciting programs which include:

  • Discussions, panels, workshops and book signings
  • Animations
  • Performing arts
  • A comic book market place

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