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“Let The Beat Build” by Nyle. This Video Is Fire!

Artist: Nyle

Song: Let The Beat Build

Director: Chadd Harbold

Produced by: Last Pictures and 194 Recordings

I came across this video when I was uploading my first video to Vimeo. It was a featured video so I clicked on it to see what it was all about. I was pleasantly surprised to see this joint and I had to post it on CAC-TV. What’s really dope about this video is that It was shot all in one take! Kudos goes out everyone involed with the production of this video.

For more info on this video Nyle and Last Pictures click the links below

FYI. This is a Remix of Lil Waynes “Let The Beat Build” off “Tha Carter 3” below is Wayne’s version.

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