“Angel” by The Suite For Ma Dukes Orchestra feat. Dwele (Video) JDilla Tribute

Song: Angel by Dwele’

Artist: The Suite For Ma Dukes Orchestra

DVD: Timeless

The Suite for Ma Dukes event, mixed and mastered by legendary Grammy award-winning producer/mixer Bob Power, best known for his work with De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, D’Angelo, Badu, and many more .This is Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and the Suite for Ma Dukes orchestra in their version of Take Notice from J Dilla’s highly acclaimed Rough Draft EP. The box set DVD of the 3 part event  will be available in March.

“Today is the fourth anniversary of Dilla’s untimely passing. People are celebrating his life all month long. At Mochilla, we have spent the past year working on A Suite for Ma Dukes. Until now we have held our cards close to our chest releasing videos and entirely instrumental pieces. But today in homage to the man responsible for all this we are releasing, just to you, the first vocal performance from Suite for Ma Dukes.”

Dwele sang Angel that night without rehearsal. It is a classic. Miguels’s arrangement is super heavy and Bob Power made it magic.”-2Dopeboyz

CLICK HERE for the download link to this song!

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