G.Deps Last Interview on Thermal Soundwaves

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) were visited, perhaps for the last time, by rapper G.Dep. Subsequent to the appearance, G.Dep turned himself in to authorities in New York City confessing to a murder a mere 17 years prior. The hip hop world is still buzzing and puzzled by the timing of it all. This episode gave clues that something was just not right and foreshadowed the aforementioned event. G.Dep was distant at times but when he was prompted Dep opened up about: keeping the dance movement alive in hip hop, his relationship with Black Rob, holding the weight of Bad Boy after; Biggie, Craig Mack, Total, writing hits for Puff at Camp Bust your Pen, did Puff have something to do with bootlegging his album, his thoughts on Mark Curry’s book “Dance with the devil”, whether or not he was involved in or saw horizontal acts go down in the champagne room at Bad Boy, his new ventures (which all came to a halt after his arrest), and if he would ever record for the label again of which G.Dep was unsure he was still signed to. Rapper Saigon joined us briefly to debate the first sighting of the Harlem shake in a video. Also, if you can correctly state the number of times that G.Dep said “you know”, you will be featured on Thermal Soundwaves in the near future. Email your answer to: Give your ears some entertainment. Then log on to: for what’s to come in the future. Peace !

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