Al Cayne Jumping At Newbridge BMX in 1986

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Newbridge BMX Pictures Circa 1986

Al Cayne Jumping At Newbridge BMX in 1986

My father has been getting really into scanning old pictures into his computer and he came across some pics that I took back in the day at Newbridge BMX Track in Newbridge Park Long Island. That’s where BMX racing all started for me! My cousin Allan told me about this track and we would ride our bikes there every Sunday to race. I started racing there at age 11-17, soon after I turned 17 the track got shut down because the people on the other side if the water were complaining about the noise.

Some of the great people that I met during the Newbridge days were, Scott O’Boyle, Jimmy Tillis, Miles “Avis” Davis, Robbie “Trail Boss” Morales, Brian West, Luke(From Brooklyn), JJ Raymond, Todd Kay, Eddie Haller, Nigel Cummings, Enos Columbo, John Tanory(He had the dopest looking Freeagent bike, Chrome on Chrome), J Powers and so many more peeps! If your reading this and you use to ride at Newbridge back in the day please leave a comment and tell us some of your memories.

Enjoy the pics

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