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Nigel And Remo At 2011 Bicycle Film Festival (BMX)

I caught up with my boys Remo and Nigel at The Bicycle Film Festival(BFF) this summer!

I had my dude Remo do some commentating at the 2011 BFF(Bicycle Film Festival) street fair on 2nd street in NYC and guess who shows up out the blue, Nigel Cummings lol. We had to get on Nigel about flaking all year and not showing up at the races. I can’t count the amount of times Nigel said he was coming to a race and didn’t show up, He even had me and Dan Clifford waiting one morning and never called to cancel. When I goto the races everybody ask me about Nigel and all I can say is “Dude be flaking” lol!! In this interview Nigel was talking  a little smack about some of the BMX comp in our class. Of course Nigel said he was gonna come to the next race and in true Nigel fashion he was talking out his ass and till this day has not hit a race since that interview lol.  Maybe next season we’ll see Nigel at a few races but I’m not holding my breath lol. There’s more clips to come from the BFF coming soon and yes I know I’m mad late on getting this footage up but it’s coming lol. Shout out to Danny for the cameo! The BFF street fair was dope and I’ll be there next year 4sho, hopefully we’ll see more BMX Manufacturers representing at the next BFF.

Check out more BFF footage on BMXHOOD.COM

Find out more about the BFF at

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