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PHOTOS: Iron Man CNJBMX (Set#1)

The weather was perfect for this years Iron Man at CNJBMX in Howell NJ and everyone was ready to ride. The Iron Man CNJBMX is a special race that they do every year at CNJBMX during the winter. No matter how good or bad the weather is, we race at the Iron Man. There were some cool things about this race that I was really liking like,everyone who wins their mains in class got a brand new full face helmet, There was a special Mountain Bike Open(Not sure why they didn’t just put em in with the cruisers but it was a cool marketing tactic) and you didn’t have to race class in order to race the opens<–Yeah Boy!!!. Since I wan’t expecting to spend a lot of money on racing, I opted to race the Pro Open since the registration was cheaper, It was my first Pro Open in 3 years or so…I didn’t make it out the motos but I did better than I thought on the track especially since I haven’t been training. I’m gonna star racing more opens on 2012 4sho, it was a lot of fun racing those guys and hey if I make it to the main i can win some money<–Word!! I’m still getting my photography skills down so you might see a few pictures where i cut off peoples heads lol. Enjoy!

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