Turndown, Oilcity
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Oil City Skatepark Pictures(BMX)

Turndown, Oilcity

It’s been a few years since I been at Oil City Skatepark in Oceanside LI and I was over due for some new BMX content so I went to the last Saturday night session of 2011 and took a few pictures and shot some video. I was having a lil difficulty taking pictures because the spot isn’t lit the greatest so I was either getting over exposed or under exposed shots plus I had it on the wrong setting for taking action shots. The camera had a lil delay before it would take the pictures because of the lighting…long story short I gotta get my skills up on the camera lol.

The park was looking nice and their getting a lot more inventory in the store too. I also heard that they might be building a big box jump in the near future, that would be dope!! I’m gonna be hitting up more skateparks this year so stay tuned for that!

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