Mega Ciph at Grizly Pear

Member Submitted: “War” By Mega Ciph

Mega Ciph  at Grizly PearShot and produced by Project 30 in 30

Director: Rocka Bennet, Producer: Steph Ching, Edited by: David Dubuc

The track “War” is produced and arranged by illmind

The cuts and scratches are handplaced courtesy DJ Milkmoney

The lyrics are concieved, written and performed by Megaciph

The song is really titled M.I.C. War or Military Industrial Complex War and the verses take the listener on a journey. First from the mind’s eye of various historical warlords and warlord charachter types. The second verse its all about the US history with war and global aggression. The third verse finally brings us to modern day America consumed with the war on terror and other un-winnable wars created by a hyper vigilant police/corporate facist state.

Enjoy and check out more Megaciph music on the new website

One Love


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