Photos: Jungle Brothers Native Tounge Reunion SOBs

Peace Peace, I finally got my pictures together from the Jungle Brothers/Native Tounge Reunion show at SOBs the other night! I took crazy pictures and for the most part their in the Gallery in the order that they were taken……kinda lol! As you already know or heard, a bunch of Native Tongue members were missing from the event and I kinda expected it but it was still a dope show. My highlights were NY Oil as the host, dude had me laughing all night, I didn’t know how funny he was, The audience Cipher was dope and my dude Venomous2000 killed it when the mic was passed to him! My dude and 1/2 of the Legendary Channel Live Hakim Green did his thing dropping  jewels to the crowd! Leader Of The New School (minus Busta) performed and did their thing, it was good to see them rocking out 4sho and Dinco D performed a new song that was fire!! John Robinson did his thing spittin his crazy lyrical flows, he also spit a dope freestyle! Dres from the Legendary Black Sheep killed the stage spittin the classics, Dres also started a new group with Jarobi (of ATCQ) and they spit one of their new joints. Then the JBs came out and the crowd went bananas!! The JBs show was the best one I’ve see since Big Daddy Kane murdered the stage at A3C last year. I did a little filming at the event to so stay tuned for that but for now enjoy the pics!

[nggallery id=90]

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