Crazy Al, Sadat X, Spittin In Da Wip

HipHop Legend Sadat X On Spittin In Da Wip

Another big milestone in #SpittinInDaWip history has gone down!!! Sadat X (@Sadatx) of the legendary HipHop group Brand Nubian blessed the mic!!! That’s right Sadat X…If you claim to be HipHop and don’t know about Brand Nubian….. then your not HipHop..Period!!!!! I gotta give a big shout out to my dude K Dubb(@TheReal_KDubb) from Texas and extra big shout to Joanne of Coalmine Music (@CoalMineMusic) for helping to make this episode happen! Ya’ll know the routine, make sure you rate this episode via the ratings box above this video, all Sadat needs is 30 unique visitors to rate this episode in order for it to be eligible to appear on the Spittin In Da Wip Top 50 MC’s Chart!

Big Up to my dudes C.Truth(@ThermalSoundwav) and Mr Metasen (@MrMetasen) for holding me down!!
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Crazy Al, Sadat X, Spittin In Da Wip



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