Ecbacc 2012, Comic Con

ECBACC, East Coast Black Age Of Comics Convention May 19th

Ecbacc 2012, Comic Con

My favorite comic con ECBACC(East Coast Black Age Of Comics Convention) is back this Saturday in Philly and I’m excited to able to go, It’s gonna be a great event!

What is ECBACC About?

The East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention, originally slated to be called the Pan-African Comic Convention (PAC-Con) or First World Komix Con (1st World Con), is an annual gathering of comic book artists, writers, their fans and retailers who are interested in discussing, buying and selling comic books, sci-fi, action figures and related material by and / or about Black superheroes / super-powered characters / adventures. In addition, the Convention also features panel discussions, self-publishing and graphic arts workshops for aspiring creators, and film screenings of works of veterans and amateurs alike. The Convention is held in Philadelphia each May preceded by a reception / awards ceremony. The ECBACC is the first bona fide “Black Comic Book Convention” in Philadelphia, PA, and serves as a replicable model for community-based comic book conventions. The ECBACC has successfully cultivated images of Black super-powered characters and has effectively served as a nexus, conduit and catalyst for Black comic book creators, their colleagues and fans since 2002!

We also offer the Glyph Comics Awards. The Glyph Comic Awards recognize the best in comics made either by, for, or about Black people. ECBACC celebrates the accomplishments that Black artists and writers have made in the comic book industry through engaging and exciting programs which include:

  • Discussions, panels, workshops and book signings
  • Animation
  • Performing arts
  • A comic book market place

Find out more at ECBACC.COM

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