Turntable Rider, BMX Dj Mix Pad

Make Your BMX Bike Into A DJ Mix Pad With Turntable Rider

Now this is right up our “HipHop BMX” connection alley! Japanese bike share company Cogoo has turned BMX bikes into DJ mix pads with a system called ‘Turntable Rider’. Consisting of a small fader box on the bike’s handlebars, a jog wheel stick on the wheel and a handbrake soundpad, it allows riders to set off and mix pre-recorded sounds by performing different actions on the bike (for example, applying the handbrake or jogging the wheel back and forth.)
Turntable Rider makes its official debut this month at the Kaikoo Popwave Festival 2012. Meanwhile, the company says they will launch it to consumers if they get 5900 ‘likes’ on Facebook.

I wanna try it 4sho!
Turntable Rider, BMX Dj Mix Pad

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