Olympic day, cnjbmx
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BMX: Olympic Day CNJBMX (329 Photos)

Olympic day, cnjbmx

I went to the Olympic Day at CNJBMX in Howell NJ with C.Truth and Kev Lawrence to get some free time on the track. This was C.Truth’s and Kev’s first time on a BMX Track ever and they held it down doing a bunch of laps . I have to give them extra big props for coming through and representing for the BMX Community. I’m gonna get them to the track more often. I also have to give Chuck Fieldson of Stylin BMX a big thank your for helping C and Kev with the track tips and pointers. There were a lot of newbies at CNJ for Olympic Day and that was great to see hopefully the Olympic Day will give a much needed boost to BMX racing. I wasn’t able to stay for the actual races because we had to get back to NYC for the BFF(Bicycle Film festival) but I did get some good pictures during practice and I got a few shots of some of the first few motos. Below is the gallery of pictures I took, enjoy!


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