BFF BMX, Bicycle Film Festival
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BMX: Bicycle Film Festival (@bffworld) (165 Photos)

BFF BMX, Bicycle Film Festival

This is my second year attending the Bicycle Film Festival street fair and the event was crazy!! I got there a lil late because I was at the Olympic Day at CNJBMX but I did get there in time for the long jump comp(Video Coming Soon). I tried to take pics of all the different things going on on the block during the event and I also got a few “Look Away” shots lol. It was good to see some BMX Racers out there like Ronnie Gaska, Frank Young and Rakin Nasheed. I had a great week of BMX this week with Olympic Day at Shoreham, The Get It Together Jam at Mullaly’s, BFF, Olympic Day at CNJBMX and earlier today me an Dan was at The Boondock trails in LI(Photos coming soon)!

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