Dark Time sunshine, valiant

Dark Time Sunshine (@DrkTimeSunshine) -Valiant (Music Video)

I came across this dope song and video by Dark Time Sunshine called “Valiant” ft. Child Actor. The video is real interesting but what first caught me was the dope drum patterns in the beat, crazy drum rolls and with a tight set of drums over that deep bass was a dope mix 4sho. Now back to the video, the fact that they had a falcon handler in the video was ill,  and the girl riding the horse in the video was so random but it was dope and it made the video fun to loo at. I’m diggin this joint 🙂 The video was directed and edited real nicely by Max Heath, the cool Falconer was Chris Davis and the Horse Wrangler/rider was Millie Maggio

Dark Time sunshine, valiant

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