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Killer Mike (@KillerMikeGTO) – “Reagan” (Animated Video)

Yoooo this video is by far the realest I’ve seen in a real long time! Killer Mike stepped his game way up and dropped and lyrical and visual bomb on HipHop with his super political and socially conscious song “Reagan”. Killer Mike goes into great detail lyrically in describing the effects and aftermath of Reaganomics and how urban media is brain washing the youth. Also, in the video it shows where this can all lead to when they showed the Mech Warrior destroying the city….that was brilliant. This is the type of HipHop that the puppet masters fear and try to stop but it’s slowly making a come back and that’s wassup!

reagan, killer mike

I hope to see more eye opening and social/politically aware music and music videos being put out in the near future, these are serious times and HipHop more than any other form of music needs to address that seriousness more often! I gotta give a Super Big Salute to Killer Mike for making this track and Super Big Up to PitchforkTV for putting the video together, the video is genius! “Reagan” is hands down video of the year for me.

Oh and if you think that Mech Warror/Robot scene at the end of the video is far fetched, peep the videos below

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