Kodoja comic book

Kodoja #Comic Book At New York Comic Con

I got a drop from Rory Smith who is the illustrator of the Kodoja comic book at the New York Comic Con. Rory is a freelance Illustrator originally from Ithaca NY, currently living in Brooklyn and currently working on Illustrating a few different projects including a series of Children’s Books, and several Comic Books. Below is a little more info on the Kodoja Comic Book:

A giant biomechanical monster created by the government activates three years after being shut down by the government’s Special Weapons Division and begins a swath of destruction across the countryside. While the 20-story goliath continues its rampage, questions are asked around the activation and the ostracized staff of Special Weapons is tasked to monitor the beast. Meanwhile, something darker and more sinister seems to be at play.

Kodoja comic book

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