ll cool j, take it
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LL Cool J (@llcoolj) – Take It ft. Joe #HipHop

Classic lyrical male whore, HipHop Legend and actor LL Cool J extends the musical lifespand of HipHop Aritst with his new release “Take It” featuring Joe! First thing off the bat is I gotta salute LL for coming with that early 90’s HipHop and R&B flava and not conforming to this new trap/trill sounding nonsense that every rap artist feels they need to do to stay relevant. LL stuck to his style and today it’s a breath of fresh air 4sho and the bass line on this track is soo dope!. He’s still a male whore with the bars though lol, hopefully he’ll have some more amp’d HipHop joints coming next!
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ll cool j, take it

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