The Globetroddas, love

The GlobeTroddas “Love” Music Video #HipHop

I’m a lil late on posting this joint…um about 3 years late but it’s still a great song called “Love” by The GlobeTroddas. I was actually listening to Pandora today and hear this song for the first time and I was vibbing out to it. The track is so smooth and I like the way the  Globetroddas rode the beat 4sho plus I’m loving the positive message! Oh and the guitar solo at the end was a great touch..when was the last time you heard a guitar solo on a HipHop track?! Below is a short description about The Globetroddas.

About The GlobeTroddas
The duo- DISCO (emcee) and BIG DRAK (producer, co-emcee) have created a fine blend of soul, funk, jazz, and hip-hop. The music is highly complemented by the uplifting messages and fluid delivery of their lyrics. Unlike many artists in the industry, THE GLOBETRODDAS offer a variety of sounds with food for thought ranging from relationships to self-improvement. When asked to describe the concept of their sound, BIG DRAK stated, “The Globetroddas stress the challenge of being yourself.”

The Globetroddas, love

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