talib, ryan leslie, outstanding

Talib Kweli “Outstanding” Featuring Ryan Leslie #HipHop

Talib Kweli is one of the best emcee’s in the game, he’s a lyrical beast on the mic, he’s been showing real HipHop heads how it’s done for years…Buuut I dunno about this one. Coming from a emcee like Talib this track “Outstanding” is just a filler track and Ryan Leslie (RLS) just looks outta place in this video… and why is he spitting anyway….he should stick to the singing when he does a track with Talib. Matter  of fact talib looks outta place in this video too lol.  Oh and RLS directed the video too. It’s not that it’s a bad song, But I don’t wanna hear Kweli rapping about some chicks…..I’m waiting to hear some revolutionary rap from my dude. It’s just, the whole thing is just weird in my opinion. It’s the type of video that a major label would force an “underground” artist to do so they could be more “commercial” lol. It’s buggin me out because I just came from watching Talib rip the mic at the Duck Down Christmas show last night then I wake up to this …grrr! But I’m sure his next single will be dope….stay tuned!

talib, ryan leslie, outstanding

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