Retro space invader couch
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This Retro Space Invader Couch By @IgorChak Is So Dope

Retro space invader couch
Yo I would have to say Space invaders was one of the first of the legendary, iconic arcade games of all times! I would spend hours playing that game in the Arcade while my mom would go shopping at the grocery store…Then when Atari came out with their home gaming system it was a wrap we would just stay in the basement going in on Space Invaders. Even when the new games started coming out we always went back to playing Space Invaders, it was just so much fun to play. So you know when I saw this Retro Space Invader Couch designed by Igor Chak I was bugging out! Man I wish I had the money and the space to get this dope piece of furniture. You know I would have it as the main couch in my “Man Cave” lol!
Retro Space invader couch




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