Illustrator Lloyd Cheatham Digital Ink Video For His Supreme Justice #Comic

Talented Illustrator Lloyd Cheatham made a dope time lapse video of him adding the digital ink to one of the Baddies characters from his upcoming comic “Supreme Justice”. I like these type of videos where you can see the work that goes behind putting together comic books and digital art, pretty cool!

Below is a description of Lloyd Cheatam’s Supreme Justice:

The story spans the galaxy, in the far reaches magic and such are real. They have Gin(genies), they were hunted to almost extinction because of their abilities. the 3 wish thing is a fallacy, they have unlimited power. One such person Soverign, sought out the most powerful and darkest he could find. He became the ruler of his home world, Karetius.

Way across the galaxy in the milky way, on planet earth is a juvenile delinquent, Kobe Jamal Grimes “Kj”. Kj is just always into stuff, graffiti, pick pocket, school skipping, but he loves comics. His love of comics has him wishing to be like Steelman his favorite hero. The Black Pirates, neighbor hood gang wants him to join and be one of them but her refuses, ducks and dodges from them.

There is a asteroid crash or so we think he finds a crystal. Once the crystal is found the Pirates are chasing him one day and wishes to be like Steelman and poof!!! he is flying and is a Superhero!!! when this happens Soverigns Gin feels the power and how immense it is and the trouble begins, they want this power…

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