Every one eats lunch, book

Illustrators: Titus Thomas At The Black Comic Book Festival

Artist/illustrator Titus Thomas had a booth setup at the Black Comic Book Festival at the Schomburg Center in Harlem and told me all about his work and current projects. One of the projects that he’s involved with is called “Everybody Eats Lunch” written by Cricket Azima. Below is a description of “Everybody Eats Lunch”:

Everybody Eats Lunch is a cookbook that encourages children to appreciate world culture while reinforcing healthy eating habits in a creative way. Each page features a different country, containing colorful removable images of the food to explore; underneath is a recipe for the dish featured. Younger children can play with the lunchbox-shaped book and foods, while older children learn layers of educational content such as social studies, geography, math, nutrition, languages, and telling time.

Every one eats lunch, book

everyone can eat

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ONYXCON’s SANKOFA Black Comic Book Day Atlanta, 2.16.13

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