Iron Hulk
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Dope Iron Hulk Fan Art Concept #Comics

Iron Hulk
I’m sure you Iron Man fans saw the “official” concept art for IRON MAN 3 showcasing Iron Mans Deep Space Suit Armor and the Hulkbuster Armor by Vendrell Productions but an unnamed artist created a really dope Iron Hulk illustration that’s got the web going crazy right now. I’m feeling it way more than the official Iron Hulk below but it does have very crucial weakness, there’s no helmet, at least there’s not one in the illustration. Although it’s not official and there’s no helment it’s still a super dope concept! I just can’t wait till the next movies come out, it’s like waiting all week to see those Saturday morning cartoons back in the day, only way more epic!

real iron hulk
The Real Iron Hulk, Hulkbuster

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