Kermit The Frog

Dre Barrs (@Dre_Barrs) – Sesame Street – Kermit & Elmo Are Gangstas #HipHop

I found another banging story rhyme this week! This one is via Toronto emcee Dre Barrs on his new joint “Sesame Street”. Dre Barrs went in on this song, tapping into a creative and real gritty tale of gang rivalry but flipping it by making the gang members the Muppets from Sesame Street! Kermit, Elmo, Miss Piggy, Big Bird are all there getting gully! The video is creatively directed by Fred E Fame and that banging beat was produced by Nugz!
This is one of those rare occasions that I’ll let a lil excessive cursing slide but ya’ll know I prefer to post clean versions. Now watch and rate!
Kermit The Frog

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