Malik Byndloss Ssquared prototype

Ssquared New Pro Prototype Sighting #BMX

Malik Byndloss Ssquared prototype
Malik Byndloss
Josh Meyers, Ssquared prototype
Josh Meyers

If you were down at the Gator Nationals in Oldsmar over the weekend you might have seen a few of the Ssquared team riders riding bikes that were clearly labeled “Prototype”. Looks like their testing a new CEO frame or are they working on a new model all together? I guess we’ll be finding out soon enough. I actually like the idea of letting people know that your riding a “Prototype/Production Model In The Works” at a’s a cool way to let people know that you have something new in the works, I see it as a cool way to get people(like me) talking a speculating on what’s to come. I’ll be sure to kick it with the Ssquared crew to see if I can peek at these when I goto the nationals this year.

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