gas-lab jazz hop

Gas-Lab (@gaslab) & Traum Diggs – Jazz Hop – Nice Track

My dude C.Truth put me on to this new joint called “Jazz Hop” by Gas-Lab and Traum Diggs featuring Natayla. It a cool R&B/Jazz-ish, boom bap beat with some nice subliminal orchestrations and dope bass live sounding bass line, good music 4sho! Below is the official description of this song:

“Jazz Hop” is the first single and title track from the upcoming collaborative project bearing the same name, from Argentinian musician/producer Gas-Lab and hip-hop artist, Traum Diggs.

“This project is about the global power and influence of hip-hop music and how it can be used to unify (across) cultures, continents, and languages. We dedicate this project to lovers of jazz, lovers of hip-hop, and to the pioneers who came before us. We conspired to inspire a rebirth of a jazz-influenced hip-hop sound on the dawn of an electronic wave that is poised to dominate the genre for the foreseeable future. Maybe we’re brave; maybe we’re stupid, only time and our fans will tell.” – Traum Diggs.

gas-lab jazz hop

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