Have You Seen The SAKER S-1 Personal Military Style JET?

For all ya’ll real ballers, tycoons, government officials or any illuminati alumni out there who have a licence to fly, the folks at Saker Aircraft created the ultimate personal Jet for you with their S-1 Personal Jet! This is a dope aircraft brings military performance and style to general aviation and it’s the fastest civilian aircraft in production! Although this plane looks like a military plane it does not have any weapons attached to it but that won’t stop the US Airforce from shooting your ass down if you start flying too far off course lol. Whatever the case this plane is dope!! Now lets see who will be the first rapper to have one of these in their video ­čśë

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evc, Mic & Life

Mic & Life (@MicExcel) – FiveG’s – Essential Vitamins Crew #HipHop

ladi6 shine on

Ladi6 (@Ladi6) – Shine On – Boom Bap, Smooth, Soulful, R&B