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JAY Z “Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film” @LifeandTimes

The highly anticipated new video for Jay Z’s “Picasso Baby” just dropped yesterday and I’m diggin it! Jay Z got a bunch of special fans and industry folks from music, fashion, art and just about every other “industry” together at this art gallery in NYC to perform his latest single “Picasso Baby”. Jay took the concept of “performance” and “art” to a hole new level and although at first there was a barrier surrounding him as he was the “Performance Art” in an art gallery, he also performed his song one on one with a few lucky people. After that the little barrier came down and everybody was allowed to circle around Jay as he performed his song. It was really cool to watch it 4sho. My only issue was, why were there kids at this event? Jay’s lyrics weren’t kid friendly at all lol but to each his own I guess. And artist Marina Abramovic was making me nervous in the video, she looked like she want to rape Jigga, Lucky Bey wasn’t there LOL!
Jay Z proves once again that he’s a real trail blazer in HipHop and way beyond. He’s constantly recreating and updating the “Blueprint” on how to approach this music business while always remembering his core audience. All ya’ll entertainers need to take note of the moves Jay is making and take advantage of the new lanes he’s creating.
Picasso Baby” was produced by Timbaland and The video was directed by Mark Romanek
jay z picasso baby

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