Quadir Lateef, let god down

Quadir Lateef (@Quadirlateef) – “Let GOD Down” – Real Rap

Quadir Lateef blessed the J.Cole “Let Nas Down” beat with his deep, conscious, retrospective lyrics about growing up, taking the wrong paths and letting God down. I love the way Quadir kept it real by subliminally exposing the Idol worship going on in J.Cole’s song. Now don’t get me wrong, both songs are good and I get where J.Cole was coming from from a lyrical standpoint but I’m rolling with Quadir’s version. Quadir’s version is way more relate able, doesn’t promote idol worship, and doesn’t have a bunch of N-Bombs sprinkled all over it.
I’m gonna go a record and say that Quadir Lateef is one of the most important if not thee most important emcee in the game right now I haven’t heard a wack track from him yet and he’s always dropping jewels in his bars. Take your time and do some research on Quadir, dude already has a dope portfolio of music.
Quadir Lateef, let god down
Below is the J.Cole “Let Nas Down” joint

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