cam be josh free U

Cam Be (@Camovement) + Josh Free – U – feat. J. Ivy & D-Train

cam be josh free U

I like this new single by Cam Be and Josh Free called “U” featuring J. Ivy & D-Train. I know it’s another song where a HipHop act used that dope, classic Curtis Mayfield “Makings Of You” sample but Cam and Josh did their thing with their verses. Now the singing in the hook was a little off but I’ll let it slid on this one ๐Ÿ™‚ I like that trumpet solo at the end of the track and the spoken work was cool too! Nice tune!
Check out the official description for “U” below.

Cam Be + Josh Free, both formally of the Chicago based Hip-Hop band Untitled, have joined forces for a collaborative project titled Be Free. The first release is the song ‘U’ produced by Cam Be, Josh Free, and Moral One (of the group Alert). Featuring Grammy Award winning poet J. Ivy and the soulful voice of Dwane ‘D-Train’ Wilson.

Produced by Cam Be, Josh Free, Moral One
Drum Programing: Cam Be, Moral One
Bass & Sample: Moral One
Drums: David ‘Step’ Given Jr.
Keys: Charlie Coffeen
Trumpet: Sam Trump
Lead Vocals: Dwane ‘D-Train’ Wilson
Backing Vocals: Natalie Oliveri
Percussion: Eric Reyes
Mastered: Slot-A

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