ill camille

ILL CAMILLE (@illcamille) – Touche – feat. Preston Harris, Real #HipHop

ill camille

Ill Camille went in hard on her latest single “Touche” featuring some silky smooth vocals by Preston Harris! Ill Camille has a series she does called Millie Mondays and “Touche is her latest. I’m a little out the loop so I didn’t know this banging beat was the instrumental to Rick Ross’ “Cigar Music” lol! But as you can see below I really didn’t miss anything..No content and a bunch of N-Bombs..SMH. Ill Camille did a Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Better job on the beat, her lyrics were way more superior and the hook by Preston Harris is way better too.

Rick Ross Ft. Masspike Miles – Cigar Music from GodFather on Vimeo.

Let us know who you think did a better job of the beat by filling the poll out below:

online poll by Opinion Stage

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