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Swizz Beatz (@THEREALSWIZZZ) Discusses Banksy’s NYC Residency

If ya’ll didn’t know Street artist Banksy came to NYC and left his mark all over the city during his residency. Revolt TV linked up with with super producer/BMXer/art aficionado Swizz Beatz In front of his “Ghetto 3 Life” piece in the South Bronx. In the clip Swizzy talks about his art/graffiti side of HipHop origin and what is was like to grow up in that era a HipHop. He also talked about Banksy’s influence in street art.

If you like what Bansky did in NYC you really need to check out another really dope street arts Tito Na Rua! He not only does street art he does street comics and their amazing to look at! I did an interview with him a few year ago check it out HERE

swizz beatz, banksy, residency

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