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BattleMasterz HipHop Comic Book And Animated Cartoon

Every year during the New York Comic Con I always look forward to interviewing the Dorm World Crew to get the update on their awesome comic and animated series Battlemasterz. They always have so much merch to see at their booth for the Battlemasterz brand. From comic books, toys, stickers, mouse pads, T-shirts and more. But most importantly is the positive message of Battlemasterz. Check out our interview to see what I’m talking about!
To find out more about Battlemasterz check out their Official Website

battlemasterz, dorm world

A young aspiring emcee with a gift to rhyme things into existence must help emancipate the masses with his sometimes volatile gift.~Battlemasterz

Dorm World does some incredible illustrations,I had to share this one below with ya’ll!
panda wheel

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