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Q-Tip & Busta Rhymes – The Abstract & The Dragon Free Mixtape (Explicit)

q-tip, busta rhymes the abstract and the dragon
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The Q-Tip & Busta Rhymes “The Abstract & The Dragon” mixtape is out now for free download!!! This has been the most anticipated mixtape since Bussa Buss and Abstract dropped that “Thank You” banger! This came at the perfect time for my road trip this weekend, I’ll be vibing out to this all weekend! It’s good to hear Busta on real HipHop beats again, that’s for sure! Hopefully Tip and Busta will put a real album out in the near future.
Ok so I’m up to track 10 and a majority of the mixtape is old A Tribe Called Quest joints that Busta was featured on, man I wanna hear more new joints!! Let us know what you think abut this mixtape.


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  1. Fam I use to work @ WBAU when I was in college… In the early 90’s when both groups first came out… Leaders and Tribe… So I saw all the behind the scene dysfunction of these dudes…. Smh

  2. Busta is a chameleon and has always been… He is a straight artist with no business savy.. That’s why he jumps from label to label…. What ever happen to Flip Mode??? When is his new artist Reek d Villan(from Roosevelt) coming out… He had this dude signed to him for the past 5 years

  3. I think it’s only because Busta is on Lil Waynes label…So he’s actually Busta boss lol! Wayne is only on one track though.

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