Back In Da Lab Cover

“Back In Da Lab” EP, produced by Sugar Cayne (Instrumental)

Back In Da Lab Cover
“Back in Da Lab” is Crazy Al “Sugar” Cayne’s first time releasing a instrumental HipHop project to the masses. “Back In Da Lab” are the first 5 beats that Sugar Cayne produced in 2014. It’s his official return to the lab to craft new music. Now most of the time Sugar Cayne goes to the lab and creates beats for his show Spittin In Da Wip. You never know, he might use these beats in a special episode of SIDW, stay tuned.

“Back In Da Lab” is also the first of many instrumental EP’s and LP’s to be release by Sugar Cayne in 2014
released 13 January 2014
Produced by Sugar Cayne
Check out more Sugar Cayne Beats HERE

Let us know which beat you liked the best on “Back In Da Lab”

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