E.P.I.C. Dark City Comics

Illustration: EPIC, Dark City Comics Character

E.P.I.C. Dark City Comics
Today I saw this amazing illustration on Samal McNealy Facebook page named EPIC and I had to share it with ya’ll! Samal made these cool “Chibi” illustrations of EPIC. I was searching for more info on the Character but I couldn’t find it anywhere so I reached out to Samal and he told me that EPIC wasn’t his creation but the creation of Lonnie “Lo” Plater of Dark City Comics. After a little more digging I found the Dark City Comics website and all the info i needed on EPIC! I’m still not sure who did that amazing illustration up top, so if anybody knows hit us up in the comment section on this page!
Below is the official description of Dark City Comics and E.P.I.C.

From the creative mind of former Adrenaline/Warner Music artist Lonnie “Lo” Plater comes a new venture in an entirely new direction. His first offering as comic book author called E.P.I.C: Earths Protector in Crisis, a brand new comic series from his Indy comic book company Dark City Comics. The story centers around college sophomore Christopher “Chris” Tayborne”, a young and talented archeology major, that through a series of sudden twists and turns lands his hands on one of the most powerful weapons in the known Galaxy The Alpha Bands. In the same breath he also unleashes a power back into the world that it hasn’t seen for thousands of years and has long since forgotten. Once these powers are release the planet goes from ordinary to extraordinary in a matter of minutes changing the scope of the entire globe and almost immediately creating our Alpha human population thus setting the events into place that give life to the Dark City comics Universe. Initially Epic will be pitted against Boris Zane; a former military grade weapons dealer turned philanthropist who through the activation of his alpha strand becomes Lavace, an arch nemesis unlike anything the comic book world has seen before. Hold on for a fast paced series of high action stories about coming of age, sacrifice, perseverance and true heroism. Here at Dark City Comics our mission is simple to transfer the diversity of the real world into our comic book world while telling amazing stories that everyone can enjoy. So get ready for a thrill ride unlike you’ve ever seen before. Set to release digitally this fall and later in print on demand format for the purists.

-Dark City Comics

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