cranx bike park Mass
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Massachusetts Day At Cranx Bike Park 1.5.14 (163 Photos)

cranx bike park Mass
This past Sunday a bunch of my boys from Massachusetts were going to be at Cranx Bike for a day of shredding so You know I had to get back up there and session with them. This time I took the trip with my dude Ray with me, it was his first time there and he loved the spot, he was doing one handed 360’s and backflips getting everybody hyped! The Answer-Rennen crew and the The 4130 BeanTown BMX Ride crew were in the building putting in laps, it was an awesome day 4sho! This time around I tried to take more pictures and video which I did but my camera started acting up and not performing like it should have so it was really hard to get a bunch of good shots. Below are all the pics that came out ok, video is coming soon, enjoy!!!

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