sean shakespeare

Sean Shakespeare (@Shakespeare_JCB), TKO, Jamar X – The Misfits Anthem – #HipHop

Dope Orlando emcee, Sean Shakespeare linked up with two other dope emcee’s TKO and Jamar X and wrote a really good song dedicated to the “Gifted” Misfits of the world. The creative heads that have ambition and know that they have more to offer the world than just being a part of the system. Most of the time when you think outside the box and want to do things outside the norm people treat you like a misfit….. like theirs something wrong with YOU. This song “The Misfits Anthem” delivers that extra boost to all the Gifted Misfits out there to keep doing what your doing and press on! This is HipHop!! The video was Directed and Produced by Juan Ordonez & Drew Perlmutter.
sean shakespeare

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