skyway bike test

Must See Vintage Skyway BMX Promo Video From 1982!!

Skyway BMX posted a vintage promo video of the company from 1982 showcasing iconic Tuff Wheels, the Skyway factory and their team riders. It was an awesome extensive look into the Skyway factory and how the Tuff Wheels and bikes are built and tested. They also did a really good job at helping the viewer understand what BMX racing is all about and they also had a BMX freestyle segment. It’s definitely a piece of BMX History that every BMXer should watch, this is our history. Below is the official description of the video:

Skyway Recreation in Redding, California has been in the BMX business since the 70’s making the very best BMX mag wheels, as well as some other products along the way. This video, made in 1982, showcases Skyway’s factory showing you how some of their great products are made, and tested. Also highlighted are the Skyway factory BMX race team, and their awesome race bikes.
Copyright by Skyway Recreation, 1982.

skyway bike test

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