Karma, set

How To Play Karma by Set Enterprises

While I was at Toy Fair NY there was a whole section dedicated to board games and card games. I met the nice ladies at Set Enterprises and they told me all about the award winning company’s new game called Karma. After they told me all about the game I had to come back and record a demo of it. Vice President of Set Enterprises Bree Popp did a cool demo of a complete game of Karma. You have to watch the video to check out how this game is played, it’s pretty cool. Also this is the first time I ever filmed a card game demo….Nice! I also have to say that the whole staff at the Set Enterprises booth were so nice and friendly it was my pleasure to do the interview/demo for them. Definitely check out their products.
You can find more games from Set at SETgame.com

Karma, set

Ny Toy Fiar Set 3 (2)

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