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Kanye West Vintage Propoganda Ad Parody By David Redon

kanye stronger
French artist David Redon (Ads Libitum) made a series of really cool illustrations parodying Pop Icons with popular vintage wartime propaganda advertisements. What I really like about these parodies is that not only are the pop icons like with one above featuring Kanye West illustrated spot on to the original David ties in something about the ad and the icon together. IT’s pretty genius!! You can check out a lot more parody propaganda ads on the Ads Libitum Tumbler page! I’ll also post more that I really like soon!
Peep the connection below:
“We Can Do It” Ad
propaganda ad

In order to draw more women into the workforce, the government put up posters and displayed ads called propaganda to entice women to go into the industry. Rosie the Riveter became the new face of women in the workforce and was shown on a government poster, “We Can Do It!” ..Read More Here

Kanye West “Stronger” music video

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