ricardo destroy bikes

Destroy Bikes Ricardo Lino’s BRAINIAC FRAME (@DestroyBikes)

Here’s a sick edit of Destroy Bikes rider Ricardo Lino shredding on his new Brainiac frame. Ricardo was going in on his bike, dude is nice with those FGFS street moves 4sho!!

In the end of 2013 Ricardo Lino started riding for Destroy Bikes
Since day one he knew what he wanted as a Frame:
a non grind sided frame where you could do every single grind trick regular and switch without breaking chains and sprockets.
Over the past 6 months the frame has been tested,
This video is a result of the test and if you want to see how the frame handled it, make sure you meet Ricardo Lino Next Saturday , May 10th at Redbull Ride + Style in San Francisco, California.

ricardo destroy bikes

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