Thermal Soundwaves radio
Thermal Soundwaves radio
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Thermal Soundwaves And Equilibrium Radio Through Al’s Eyes (74 Photos)

Equilibrium radio
Kwame Vear & Priest Forever (Equilibrium Radio)

I was recently on both Equilibrium Radio and Thermal Soundwaves Radio shows promoting Spittin In Da Wip, The Cugar Cayne Bike Fest and of course and I brought my camera with me. While i was sitting in the hot seat I was taking photos of my boys Priest Forever, Kwame Vear, Kev Lawrence and C.Truth doing their thing from my point of view. During this show the topic of the day was that Solange’/Jay-Z video lol!!

Thermal Soundwaves radio
Kev Lawrence & C.Truth (Thermal Soundwaves Radio)

Make sure you tune in every Monday night for Equilibrium Radio show from 10-12am and Thermal Soundwaves Radio show from 12am-3am (Mon/Tuesday morning) on WHCR FM 90.3 in NYC or you can catch the live stream on

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