Lupe Fiasco Music Director 2014 FIFA World Cup Campaign

lupe fiasco fifa
Supa emcee Lupe Fiasco is doing really big things! He just got named U.S. Soccer’s Music Director for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Compaign!! Lupe will be collaborating with U.S. Soccer team in a variety of areas during the Send-Off Series and the World Cup. His duties will be creating Spotify playlists, in collaboration with his DJ group SNDCLSH, and he’ll also handle in-game music programming during the Send-Off Series, that’s crazy!!. I’m intrested to see what he creates for this event, this is an awesome opportunity for this Chi-Town emcee! Who say’s being an underground emcee doesn’t payoff, granted he’s gone on to do more commercial sounding music but he got his start in the underground and lyrically he’s still has that underground mindset. Good stuff!

Find out more info at U.S. Soccer

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