hiphop high

Punchline & Fokis – Hip-Hop High – #HipHop

hiphop high

Dope single by Punchline and Fokis featuring Wordsworth called “HipHop High” where they create a creative and vivid picture describing how they were schooled on HipHop coming up. I really like the writing in this one, good stuff right here.

.Punchline & Fokis release the 1st single from their upcoming EP “The Dessert”, which is a follow up to their EP “The Appetizer” released in 2009. For the 1st single, Punchline teams up his fellow emc crew member, Wordsworth and along with Fokis the trio go crazy over some hard hitting drums and a melodic piano riff. The Dessert EP drops July 1st.

This is HipHop!!

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