BodyArmor Sponsors Sugar Cayne Bike Fest Stop#4, August 23rd

We are super excited to announce that BodyArmor just sent us more cases of their awesome drinks to be added to our prize packs for Sugar Cayne Bike Fest #4 this weekend August 23rd at CNYBMX.

BODYARMOR SuperDrink’s premium formula with Electrolytes, Vitamins, and Coconut Water provides your body with what it needs to work hard and play harder.

BodyArmor has 6 awesome flavors:
Fruit Punch
Orange Mango
Strawberry Banana
Tropical Punch
Mixed Berry

About the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest:
The Sugar Cayne Bike Fest is a celebration of off road bicycling. It’s an event for all the different styles and disciplines of off road cyclist to come together for a day of friendly competition and sharing ideas. SCBF features events for BMX, MTB, Cyclocross, Balance Bikes and Fat Bikes.

What also makes this event unique is all the events are held at a BMX track. BMX racing is the roots of how modern day off road cycling began so it’s only right to bring it all back home to where it started. I believe there’s a lot off road cyclist can learn from each other whether it’s riding tips, technology trends, community outreach and more, SCBF strives to be a great forum for that vision.

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